Chainsaw Man–From Manga Comic to Streaming Platforms

Anthony Acevedo, Staff Writer

For those who don’t know anything about manga, it’s basically just a form of comics made in Japan. Fans of the manga written by mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto have long awaited the arrival of the anime adaptation since it was announced on November 27, 2019, and that studio Mappa would lead the production. On July 27 of this year, fans got their first glimpse of what it would look like with a promotional video that premiered during an event called ‘Mappa Stage.’

During this event, various new and existing anime projects were announced, but no further news about voice actors was announced, but fans on social media have speculated that the adaptation would release in the fall later this year.

Chainsaw Man Vol. 2 cover

The story of “Chainsaw Man” itself is filled with many suspenseful and action-packed moments that fans are very excited to see brought to animation officially for the first time. I say officially because fans took it upon themselves to create short animations panels of the story which can be found on YouTube and on Twitter.

Twitter is where most of the Chainsaw Man community communicates and it is also the platform where updates about the anime release and progression of the production are posted.

Recently a message was posted saying that the director, Ryu Nakayama, was looking for animators who lived in Japan and who were available to work in Mappa’s new “Ogikubo Studio,” which he had put out on his Pixiv account.

The statement also said that “any artist who was recruited would have to go through a two month trial period before signing on for two years as a trainee–after which they may be given a full-time position based on their performance.” The new recruits will be offered a monthly salary, which is rare for entry-level animators, and they will be receiving a yearly bonus, paid time off, as well as family allowances.

The story of Chainsaw Man itself follows our main protagonist Denji as he adjusts from life as a poor boy borrowing money from the Mafia to working a job and making friends. The story is filled with action-packed, suspenseful, and sad moments and that is what makes the story so great.

At the beginning of the story, Denji’s interactions with the rest of the main cast are a bit rocky because he grew up far away from the city away from other kid’s his age. The only character he seems to get along with from the start is his boss Makima who gives him food, a job, and a place to live. Yet the place he ends up staying at is with “Aki Hayakawa” with whom he has a falling out during their first meeting because Aki just didn’t like the way Denji acted around Makima.

With “Power,” the third person he meets, the two don’t really get along because of how Power views the human race and that’s because she’s a fiend, a devil from hell that died and was reborn on earth. As the story progresses, Denji’s relationship with the both of them gets better and they become like his family.

As someone who’s read the manga, I can’t wait to see all the amazing and heart-wrenching moments to be animated. Not only are the main and supporting cast great, but so are the antagonists that appear in the series, and the villains range from minor threats to major threats as the story progresses. I’d also like to mention that the villains are kinda wacky, but that’s part of what makes them great. The cast of villains is just like Power in that they are devils from hell. The backstory on the devils is that they are manifested from fear and this fact makes readers wonder “why would someone be afraid of this?” One example of what I mean is that the first devil we meet resembles a tomato, confused? So was I, but the further you get into the story, the more you learn to live with the confusion.

Character development isn’t the only thing to look forward to. The fight scenes are also a part of this great series, and though they are very bloody, along with blood comes death, so this series isn’t for the faint of heart. If you are someone who isn’t bothered by such things, you will definitely enjoy this action-packed series as well as its amazing cast of characters.

An image of the main protagonist Denji as drawn by Mappa