Attack on Titan Continues Where the Final Chapter Left Off

Anthony Acevedo

For those who don’t know what Attack on Titan is, it is a manga from author Hajime Isayama which ran for 11 years and ended earlier this year in April.

Many fans that haven’t read the source material are excited for the return of the Attack on Titan series. This series was announced to return this winter, but no date had been announced until the release of the promotional video, when it was announced that the release of “76th episode” would be on January 9, 2022 in Japan.

Before the official trailer had been announced, a teaser was released in March around the same time that the last episode was released. Fans hadn’t received an update for over seven months, which left the fans anxious as to the status of the this great phenomenon.

On the other side of the fandom, those who have read the manga weren’t particularly excited about the return of the anime because they were left dissatisfied from the previous final chapter.

[slight spoilers ahead proceed on your own accord or skip to the fifth paragraph]

During the time of the release of the final chapter, fans were split into three sides: the ones who hated the ending, the ones who liked the ending, and the ones who remained neutral because of the closure of everything that happened.

The chapter opens up with the our protagonist (Eren) and half of our deuteragonists (Armin) having a conversation about their friend Mikasa in this plain of consciousness called “paths,” which is only accessible with the power of the founding titan.

Some fans felt that the dialogue in this chapter was very out of character for the protagonist and dueteragonist (secondary main character) and they were left upset because it didn’t give the closure people wanted and left them asking more questions when they hoped to get answers for the questions they had before the final chapter.

Some of the discourse that happened afterward felt unnecessary although to this day, seven months after the final chapter, people continue to argue about it.

Despite this controversy, most fans are excited to see what happens next after they were left at a cliff hanger at the end of “episode 75.” On social media, there were skits of people eagerly watching the “finale” and seeing the “to be continued” screen and being disappointed because they were hyped about seeing a fight, but there was nothing that could be done, so they just have to wait for its return.

Promotional poster of Eren Yeager drawn by MAPPA

A new key visual was posted (teaser poster) by various Twitter accounts, and the poster itself depicts Eren with a stern look being covered in memory shards on the right side and those shards were of various events that occurred, up to the point we are at now.

Being one of the few who decided to pick up the manga where the anime left off, I have to say that for those who decided to wait until it all gets animated, it’ll leave you in shock by the end.

In regards to the action, lots of things from the episode prior get resolved within the first view chapters and others take awhile to get resolved. Alliances are formed as well and the return of someone who hasn’t been seen in a while adds to the clarity.

There’s been a rumor going around that the series itself will end after a certain chapter and the rest will be adapted into a movie. While none of this has been confirmed, the fandom who read the source material came to the agreement that it is mostly going to happen.

The trailer that was released on YouTube received 283,971 views and 1.3 thousand comments all of which were mixed reviews because of those of who were slandering it after they finished reading the series.

That still doesn’t matter because they gave it plenty of attention, boosting the video’s popularity so it was recommended to many more thousands around the world.

On Twitter, there have been several accounts of those who are posting a daily countdown until the return of Attack On Titan. Currently, the number of days until its return is in the 50s, and to my knowledge, it’s been going on since October, but it may have started when the series went on hiatus back in March.

Shot of the Attack Titan drawn by Mappa