HBO Max’s Euphoria Season 2 Gets Intense

Sara Gutierrez, Staff Writer

In Euphoria season one, teenage drug use was glamorized and normalized, but season two showed how drugs ruin Rue, the main character. Not only did drugs ruin Rue, but they also ruin her relationships with friends and family.

Season one only showed the fun effects of drug use, while this season brings more of a realistic view to the storyline. It adds more realism to the situation of getting clean for the betterment of yourself, and the people around you.

The first season’s 15 episodes all came out at the same time. In contrast, this season’s episodes came out one at a time every Sunday at 8 p.m. Season two has eight episodes, with most being up to one hour long.

The first episode came out on January 9, 2022, and the last episode came out on February 27, 2022. HBO has announced that there will be a season three, but it will not be coming out until 2024.

How to watch Euphoria Season 2 in the UK
A poster for Euphoria season 2

Lexi and Fezco get very close this season and start talking on the phone consistently for months. Rue gets back together with Jules but also continues her drug use. Cassie stabs Maddy in the back and sleeps with Nate the night of the new year’s party.

This season has two new characters named Elliot and Faye. Although they don’t have too much screen time, they both play very big parts later on in the season. They introduce a drug dealer lady named Lorie who plays a big role in Rue’s life, and will definitely be back in season three. The only character that isn’t included in this season is McKay, but he did make one appearance in episode one. The last episode of this season is very shocking and devastating.