Music and Fashion Collide Spectacularly at Coachella 2022


Sarai Menjivar, Staff Writer

Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals of the year. Coachella is a three-day festival with musicians all over the world coming together and performing for all of their fans.

Performances from artists such as Harry Styles to Billie Eilish are scheduled over multiple days. If that’s not your taste in music don’t worry, Coachella has all types of music genres, from Spanish music to K-Pop. 

Anyone can attend Coachella, and all ages are welcome. Kids five years old or younger are free, but beware, it is a music festival and it’s going to be crowded and loud.

Aside from the wonderful artist performances, there are other activities you can do at Coachella like going to their famous Ferris wheel or their amazing photo areas. They even have an art studio where you can let your creativity flow. When you’re not taking pictures or enjoying the wonderful music, you can spend your time eating the amazing food they have, from sushi to hamburgers, and with that amazing food, there follows delicious drinks and desserts. 

Coachella is also known for is its fashion. People that attend Coachella get all dressed up but not in a typical everyday type of fashion. People go over the top with their fashion, from cowboy-inspired outfits to hippie-inspired clothing.

People love posting their fashion on social media while they are attending Coachella. Of course, with amazing outfits comes amazing makeup!

Makeup is also known to be another big thing at Coachella. People love putting on makeup to go with their outfits. The makeup can go with their outfits or it can be completely out of the ordinary. If you love music and food, Coachella is the place for you!