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Genivive Chavez, Student Life Editor

Genivive Chavez is a 15-year-old junior who has been at Birmingham since her freshman year. She was born in Hollywood Ca on October 10th, 2005. Her favorite food is pasta and her favorite type of food is Italian food. She also loves sweets and pastries but doesn't like donuts or Nutella. One hobby of hers is cooking or baking and loves it when her mom teaches her recipes of childhood meals. She also likes to draw and paint and has always had this as a hobby for as long as she can remember. She enjoys listening to music and listens to all genres except country. She has one dog named Max who is 11 years old, and two turtles named ten and twenty who are both 6 years old.

Genivive's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because she loves to spend time with family and eating. When she was 12 she ran the L.A. marathon. She is not in any sports but would be open to joining one. Her favorite colors are black, white, pink, and green. Her favorite subject is math because once she understands the work she finds it fun.

Some of her pet peeves include people eating with their mouths open, when people spit, and when people are rude. She is a big fan of true crime, unsolved mysteries, and "ghost stories". She is someone who gets scared and startled easily and cannot watch horror films alone. Although she hasn't traveled much, she enjoys traveling and would like to travel a lot more. She loves to go camping but gets car sick often. In her free time, she enjoys binge-watching shows while eating ice cream. She also enjoys sleeping and takes lots of naps. One thing she doesn't like is french toast because she finds it too sweet. She prefers winter over summer because she hates sweating and feeling sticky. During the winter she loves to go to the snow and also loves to go out and run in the rain. Her birthday is during winter so she looks forward to winter every year!

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Genivive Chavez