Five Ways to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Five Ways to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Stacy Corea , Staff Writer/Staff Photographer April 27, 2017

We all at one point in our lives have had fear or anxiety. Some people have extreme fear or anxiety, to the point where it can damage their health. "The fears we don't face, becomes our limits"-Robin Sharma....

The Birmingham Patriots named LA City Champs

Doutrive Brothers Lead Patriots to First Basketball L.A. City Championship

Christian Garcia and Anthony Carillo April 25, 2017

They've been talked about around school and outside of school. People look up to them, literally and metaphorically. Devante Doutrive is currently a senior and he has been offered him a scholarship to...

Falling in Love is the Cutest Thing

How to Get Your Potential BAE

Geovanni Gomez, Staff Writer April 21, 2017

Many guys try and try, but can’t get the attention of their crush. There are two possibilities in this scenario: one, it might be that the person simply isn’t attracted to you and he or she is trying...

North Carolina beats Gonzaga for 6th National Championship

North Carolina beats Gonzaga for 6th National Championship

Paul Diaz , Staff Writer April 17, 2017

The North Carolina Tar Heels added another championship to their record while the Gonzaga Bulldogs tried to win their first championship and make history. The Gonzaga Bulldogs had only one loss during...

Promposals come in a variety of ways and locations!

Creative Promposal Ideas 2k17

Katie Guerra, Senior Columnist April 17, 2017

Seniors, one of the most anticipated events of the year is approaching, the 2017 Prom! With the prom being just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking who you want to go with--whether it’s...

ASB President Hector Murillo hyping the crowd.

Spirit Week 2017 Photo Gallery

Hadaasa Nae, Student Life Editor April 6, 2017

Spirit week has been a success for our ASB members. ASB also hosted a Disney-themed pep rally the week before to hype up students. The program for this year was: University Gear for Monday; Tuesday was...

Barcelonas Historic Comeback

Barcelona’s Historic Comeback

Brayan Tenas and Christian Garcia April 6, 2017

The game of football or soccer will always be filled with twists, turns, surprises and upsets. Every once in a while we are treated to historic matches and this year's UEFA Champions League has had plenty...

The Alexandria Hotel

The Alexandria Hotel and Six More Haunted Places to Visit Year Round

Melanie Villaseñor, Staff Writer April 6, 2017

Are you bored at home wondering where your next adventure should be? Don't look any further because you can wake the souls of the past who are in need of company. These are a few places you can visit and...

UCLA medical students using VR to explore  brain activity.

The Potential of Virtual Reality

Henry Yeom and Jess Rodriguez April 4, 2017

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has the potential to achieve great things as already seen within the entertainment industry. Drawing a digital 3D image within the same plane of your living room, running...

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