Is There a Deeper Meaning to Netflix’s “Bright”?

Is There a Deeper Meaning to Netflix's

Destiny Taufahema, Co-Sports Editor

February 27, 2018

Netflix's original movie "Bright" seems to have a deeper meaning according to many of the viewers. The movie involves humans, orcs, elves and fairies living in modern day Los Angeles. Actors Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are the main characters and they are both police officers. Smith as "Scott Ward"...

Painting Streets White in LA

Google Image of street painted white.

Adrian Vasquez, Website Editor

February 27, 2018

White streets may seem strange and, to some, appealing; however, there is a scientific approach to the matter. LA has recently been painting residential streets white, not for aesthetic purposes, but for a new way of cooling our neighborhoods and cities. This is an environmental movement. Do...

Makeup Advice: the Pro and Cons

Makeup Advice: the Pro and Cons

Stacey Sandoval, Staff Writer

February 27, 2018

We see women everywhere, of all ages wearing makeup. Youtube and Instagram are both filled with MUA's, short for "makeup artists." There are a lot of positives, or pros, to wearing makeup and it is very fun to apply, but there are also some negatives, or cons. PROs: Makeup gives you confidence. Ma...

Can Money Buy You Happiness?

More money more happiness?

Jonathan Vicente, Managing Editor

February 23, 2018

May I ask you something? What is your question? Can making a lot of money buy you happiness? People have argued this topic for years. People say that money cannot buy happiness. Then there are some people who say that money can buy you a "lot" of happiness. What do you believe? Regardless of what...

2018 NBA All-Star Weekend at Staples Center

2018 NBA All-Star Weekend at Staples Center

Alejandro Marroquin, Staff Writer

February 23, 2018

The 2018 NBA All Star Weekend was in Los Angeles at the Staple Center. The All Star weekend was from February 16-18. A lot of celebrities were at the events like Chance The Rapper, Justin Bieber, Quavo, and many more. The All Star Weekend had many events including: the Celebrity Game, the Rising Star...

Guide To Modern School Style

ASAP Rocky

Jonathon Eaton, Staff Writer

February 16, 2018

In the new school year you're always ready for school shopping to find the hottest trends to try to fit in; however, maybe you're not trying to fit in and you have your own unique style that you want to express. "Hypebeast" is a person who buys clothes only for the brand name. Hypebeasts have all...

Does BCCHS Have School Traditions?

Patriots confused and nervous as to what's to come to our football team.

Helen Rivera, Staff Writer

February 14, 2018

Traditions take place in your everyday life at home, family, church, clubs, your favorite sports teams, etc. We come to school everyday, but do we see any traditions around at Birmingham? Or are high school traditions just for the movies? This is my first year at Birmingham as a sophomore, and I noticed...

Hollywood Hypocrisy in the #Me Too Era

Powerful women who stood by and spoke about the Time's Up movement.

Salma Ramirez and Hadaasa Nae

February 12, 2018

What validates a protest as a protest? A movement? Or the truth? The uprising for the awareness started with Harvey Weinstein, when he was exposed for his sexual misconduct behavior. Hollywood was particularly affected.  Many women unveiled disgusting revelations of Weinstein’s actions towards...

Disney Buys Fox, Expanding Their Empire

Disney Buys Fox, Expanding Their Empire

Jonathon Eaton, Staff Writer

February 12, 2018

Back in December of last year, one of the biggest deals was made involving two major multi-billion dollar companies. On December 14, 2017, Disney bought out 21st Century Fox, thereby acquiring most of their film and television studios. Fox was known for their many involvements in the pop culture...

On a Mission to Send Students to College

The sophomore academy during their college field trip to CSUN.

Gissel Garcia, Arts and Entertainment Editor

February 12, 2018

Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) has been putting a big effort into creating students who are interested in going to college. Beginning this year, many academies, along with the college center, have been developing field trips for any grade to visit a college campus. This year the...

Gun Laws…Is California Safe?

Ammunition Comic Strip

Bryce Gage, Staff Writer

February 2, 2018

The United States is notorious for the mass number of gun-related deaths throughout our history, but California arguably has the best gun laws of all of the states. Guns have many positive connotations, contrary to popular belief, such as household safety, uses as a hobby, and for our own LAPD and military...

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