Isamar Torres
Isamar Torres, better known as Izzy, is a senior at BCCHS and is in the Digital Media academy. All she does with her life is either paint, read books about anything, or figure skate.Figure skating is something she has been doing since she was age six and doesn't think of doing any other sport.  Isamar has probably watched all the cliche late 80's movies, which she feels very accomplished with. She loves reading VOUGE magazine, and its not just for the fashion, but it also talks about news in the world. This year she is putting her self out there by joining senior council. She can probably live off buffalo wings and salad. She has a tattoo on her arm of a monogram of the English alphabet. She also works weekdays as a hoist in Dennys.   Her favorite show is  Freaks and Geeks she has watched it more then four times. She has a huge fear of ducks and absolutely hates rude people. Isamar is in love with coffee and drinks about three cups a day! The reason she joined journalism is because, she is always thinking about her possible career choices although she is not so sure yet. She used to want to be a marine biologist then a graphic designer and now wants to be either a writer or a journalist.

Get to know her and she will bug you and also care for you like crazy. She cares very much for all her friends and will do anything to make their day a good day, which includes making the most random yet fun plans. She loves meeting new people so much.

Isamar Torres , Opinion Editor

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Isamar Torres