Rosana Sanchez-Zorrilla
Rosana Sanchez-Zorrilla transferred from Van Nuys High School to Birmingham Community Charter High School for her junior year and is currently a senior. She is now a part of Journalism as well as a member of Knights and Ladies. Being a senior, she aims to do as much as she can to make her final year in high school memorable and educational. As an aspiring teacher, Rosana hopes to take with her as much personal education experience as she can into a classroom of her very own. Most of the people who helped her through her own life were teachers and she wants to give back by providing that for others. As a person who loves being able to help others and loves the idea of teaching future generations, she hopes to be accepted into Cal Lutheran as her first stepping stone into “the real world” and toward her future career.

Not only does Rosana enjoy helping and teaching others, but she is also extremely fond of how writing allows people to express their creativity.  Being a part of Journalism will give her the opportunity to express her love for writing. It doesn’t matter what the assignment is: an essay, a short story, a paragraph, an article, etc.--she can write for hours about whatever topic is tossed at her even if she isn’t particularly fond of the subject. Rosana loves being able to express her thoughts, opinions, and beliefs through words rather than having to do so verbally.  Being someone who struggles with public speaking but has so much to say, writing has become her true voice.

Although she’s often perceived as quiet by most people who don’t speak to her, Rosana’s friends and family would beg to differ. Being a silly and talkative person is probably the last thing most people expect when they see Rosana sitting in class not saying a single word. But her friends would describe her as a goofy, talkative, and lively person. You just have to talk to her first. Rosana has always struggled with being the one starting a conversation with someone, so she tends not to do so. But once a person speaks to her, she completely changes. Outside of a classroom and around people that she knows, Rosana is often seen laughing, smiling, exploring new places or with her headphones on listening to her favorite songs.

Rosana Sanchez-Zorrilla, Staff Writer

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Rosana Sanchez-Zorrilla