Water Wastage in California

Water Wastage in California

Clarissa Guardado, Staff Reporter September 30, 2015

The average American uses 80-100 gallons a day, 10,000 gallon a year. Wasting water is an issue that we are currently experienceing here in the United States.   Especially in California where an extreme...

Meet Your Senior Class President

Meet Your Senior Class President

Marie E. Rodriguez, Editor In Chief September 30, 2015

Veronica Tayo is the Senior Class President for the graduating class of 2016. Tayo began campaigning  for elections around March of her junior year. With the slogan "Tayo all the way-o" and the distribution...

Police Brutality:  Criminals with Authority?

Police Brutality: Criminals with Authority?

Brayan Tenas, Staff Reporter September 28, 2015

  To serve and protect or to hurt and kill? These are questions many people are asking themselves nowadays as every day we hear about more and more incidents of police brutality. Most of these...

We are to Blame for Beach Pollution

We are to Blame for Beach Pollution

Joselyn Argueta, Creative Arts Editor September 28, 2015

Do you like going to the beach with the nice ocean breeze going through your hair? Seeing families bonding and having a great time relaxing?But then one day, this vision is gone, and now the beach is full...

DIY Autumn Candle

DIY Autumn Candle

Jenny Cubas, News/Front Page Editor September 28, 2015

With the beginning of fall already here, why not make yourself a cute candle to keep your room smelling nice throughout the season.   The materials you will need are: Mod Podge      ...

The Patriots defense swarms to stop the Eagles rushing attack

BCCHS Varsity Football Recap

Jack Freeman, Sports Editor September 25, 2015

The BCCHS Varsity Football Team played multiple tough teams in the preseason and have a 2-2 record so far. This record isn’t good or bad, but it shows that the Patriots need to improve during the regular...

International Students Excited to be BCCHS Patriots

International Students Excited to be BCCHS Patriots

Nina Hovanesian, Staff Reporter September 22, 2015

Three international students, Lizandra Freitas Lima de Carvalho, Victoria Mazzone de Castro, and Cindy Ngo Huynh Uyen Phuong , share two common interests: Birmingham Community Charter High School and...

L E T S  G O, Let’s Go… To Competition!

L E T S G O, Let’s Go… To Competition!

Jenny Cubas, Front Page/ News Editor September 22, 2015

With all of their years committed to BCCHS, the Birmingham Cheerleading Squad are now going to competition. “I expect competition to be challenging, and I anticipate the cheerleaders to be hardworking...

BCCHS students enjoying the Aloha Dance outside at night in the football stadium

Aloha Patriots

Trinity Cummings and Yara Saldana September 21, 2015

The first dance of the year was exactly how students would have pictured it, from the hot dance floor to the great food.   Although the dance started off slowly, it ended up picking up momentum throughout...

Famous BCCHS Patriot Alumni

Famous BCCHS Patriot Alumni

Tyeson Williams, Staff Reporter September 15, 2015

There have been many alumni groups but none have been like Birmingham's. Here are four notable stars that have attended Birmingham.           Sally Ride was...

Tom Cruise hanging off of an airplane door.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Movie Review

Jack Freeman, Sports Editor September 15, 2015

The newest edition to the Mission: Impossible series was full of action and multiple exciting plot twists. There is also of course a love interest in the movie, Ilsa Faust who is played by Rebecca Ferguson....

Firefighters raise U.S. flag amidst the debris of the Twin Towers.

Remembering 9/11 Fourteen Years Later

Jack Freeman, Sports Editor September 10, 2015

The day September 11, 2001 will forever be remembered in U.S. history and world history. The events that took place on that day and all the aftermath is a very important part of history. That day caused...

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